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Introductory information:

  1. Village Mielno (also referred to as "the resort") consists of 5 bungalows, including 2 premium and 3 standard ones.
  2. The bungalows are divided into standard and premium ones. The premium bungalows differ from the standard ones with additional equipment in the form of a fireplace and a double bed instead of a bunk bed.
  3. The standard bungalows are designed for a maximum of 5 people. So, they provide places to sleep such as a folding 2-person sofa in the living room and a 3-person bunk bed in the mezzanine (lower seat for 2 people, upper one for 1 person).
  4. The premium bungalows are designed for a maximum of 4 people. So, they provide places to sleep such as a folding 2-person sofa in the living room and a double bed in the mezzanine.
  5. The bungalows and their equipment may slightly differ from each other. The availability of a specific bungalow is given at the time of booking.



  1. Reservation of the stay is made through the booking system on the website www.villagemielno.pl in the BOOKING tab.
  2. During the holiday season, check-ins and check-outs are only possible from Friday to Sunday.
  3. The minimum stay is from 2 to 6 nights depending on the chosen date.
  4. The condition for confirming the reservation is to pay the reservation fee within 3 days from the date of making the reservation. Failure to pay in the specified period will automatically cancel the reservation.
  5. The booking fee is 30% of the total amount for the stay for bookings made more than 30 days before the day of arrival.
  6. The booking fee is 100% of the total amount for the stay for bookings made less than 30 days before the day of arrival.
  7. The booking fee is treated as a down payment, it is not refundable in the event of cancellation of the booking.
  8. The remaining amount (70% of the total amount for the stay) must be paid up to 30 days before the day of arrival. Lack of payment results in automatic cancellation of the booking without the possibility of a refund of the booking fee.
  9. For an additional fee, you can buy a refund of 70% of the total amount for the stay in the event of cancellation of the reservation up to 7 days before the day of arrival. This option can be purchased during the booking process and is available for stays longer than 6 days.
  10. The terms of the reservation and its cancellation are determined when making the reservation and specified on the booking confirmation.
  11. By making a reservation, you accept these regulations.


Check-in and check-out:

  1. Check-in is possible from 16:00, check-out is until 12:00.
  2. At check-in, the visitor's tax is collected in accordance with the Resolution of the Mielno City Council.
  3. During check-in, a deposit of PLN 500 is collected. The deposit is returned at check-out in case of no damage or shortages in the equipment of the bungalow and the resort area.
  4. During check-in, the guest is obliged to check the condition and equipment of the bungalow and confirm this fact on the registration card.
  5. At check-in, the guest will receive the keys to the bungalow and a proximity card to open the gate and the wicket. If you lose them, you will be deducted 200 PLN from the deposit.
  6. During check-out, the guest is obliged to leave the bungalow clean, to wash the dishes, take out the rubbish, empty the cabinets and the refrigerator. If the waste is left behind, the amount of 200 PLN will be deducted from the deposit.


Liability for damages.

  1. The guests accept financial responsibility for defects and damages caused during their stay, and give an account of the equipment of the bungalow during check-out.
  2. A guest who destroys any movable property, bungalows,the playground and surroundings is financially responsible for the damage caused. It also applies to damage caused by animals.
  3. The guest is liable for damages caused by his fault according to the provisions of the Civil Code. Each person breaking the regulations will be asked to leave the resort. In case of refusal, it will be handed over to the police along with the referral of the case to proceedings in misdemeanor cases.
  4. The area of ​​the resort is monitored. Village Mielno is not financially and legally responsible for damages or thefts made in the area of the resort.


Fire regulations.

  1. Each bungalow is equipped with a smoke detector.
  2. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is strictly forbidden inside. Smoking is allowed outside (including the terrace).
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire in Village Mielno except for the fireplace in the premium bungalows as well as charcoal and gas grills.
  4. Using the fireplace inside the bungalows is possible with the consent of the resort staff and using the logs of wood is free of charge when given by the staff.
  5. It is forbidden to use your own devices in the resort, such as electric grills, gas cylinders and heaters. Village Mielno provides guests with electric grills which are free of charge.
  6. On the premises of the resort, the only place to use the electric grills (provided by Village Mielno) is designated under particular caution and fire protection regulations.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to fry fish inside the bungalows.
  8. Each violation of these fire regulations will result in the guest being charged with a fine of 500 PLN.


Conditions of the stay.

  1. There is a car park for guests on the premises of the resort. Each bungalow has a guaranteed one parking place.
  2. It is forbidden to listen to loud music or disturb other guests in the resort.
  3. Quiet hours last from 22:00 to 7:00.
  4. The use of the playground is allowed for children up to 13 and only under adult supervision.
  5. During their stay, guests can use all the equipment available at the resort free of charge. Willingness to use some of the equipment (e.g. bicycles) may require determining availability with the resort's staff.
  6. Staying on the premises of the resort of unregistered people is possible only with the consent and knowledge of the resort’s staff.
  7. We accept small pets. The stay of animals is additionally payable (details in the booking conditions). It is obligatory to take dogs for a walk outside the resort and clean up after. Failure to comply with this provision results in the deduction of 300 PLN from the deposit. Pets owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animals.
  8. There is a total ban on littering in the resort. Failure to comply with this provision will result in a deduction of 300 PLN from the deposit.
  9. People staying at the resort are obliged to comply with these regulations, and in particular to behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of other people, to comply with the provisions protecting the nature, health and safety.


The provisions on the protection of personal data of GDPR.

  1. The administrator of your personal data is Village Mielno S.C.
  2. In the matter of personal data, you can contact us at kontakt@villagemielno.pl with the annotation ‘GDPR’.
  3. Your data will be processed for the purpose of providing bungalow rental services. If you have given additional consent, your e-mail address will be used for marketing purposes.
  4. The basis for the processing of your data by us is a contract for the provision of bungalow rental services. The basis for our processing of your data for marketing purposes is your consent. You can withdraw this consent at any time by sending us a message.
  5. Your personal data is transferred by Village Mielno to the following: companies providing IT services to the resort as well as the staff responsible for completing reservations.
  6. Your personal data is not transferred outside the European Economic Area.
  7. Your personal data will be processed for as long as it is necessary to provide bungalow rental services and until any claims resulting therefrom are time-barred. Considering marketing purposes, your personal data will be processed until you withdraw your consent.
  8. You have the right to access your data, rectify it, delete it or reduce it at any time.
  9. At any time, you may request the transfer of your data, which we process in IT systems, to another personal data administrator.
  10. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the officials (the President of the Personal Data Protection Office) regarding the processing of your personal data.
  11. Providing your personal data is necessary to provide the bungalow rental service. Providing data for marketing purposes is voluntary.
  12. Your data is not used by us to make decisions based on automated data processing, which could affect your legal situation or cause any other similar effects on you.


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